NEW | Super Nova 7 Cocktail

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In the glass, an electric rose hue with bright lilac reflections. On the nose, hints of guava and lychee are complicated by sweet floral undertones. On the palate, warmth and intensity have a rendezvous with electric vibrancy, while suggestions of key lime and icy green mango echo on a broad and lengthy finish.

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Alcohol: 15%
pH: 2.95
TA: 7.0 g/l
RS: 75 g/l
Service Temp: 3°C
Recommended drinking: 2023-2024


Since introducing Nova 7 over 15 years ago, this true Nova Scotia classic has been the subject of many explorations. After all, its iconic and complex aromatic profile is a mixologist’s dream come true.

While mixologists have the freedom to explore using ingredients from all four corners of the earth - think tropical or warm climate fruits - we wanted to craft a cocktail that preserved the original and unmistakable characteristics of a true Nova 7.

Made with 3 simple ingredients, expect the signature aromatic touch of Nova 7 to fill the glass - amplified in a burst of floral notes, a cosmic explosion taking our wine star beyond the next frontier.