Over two short decades, Benjamin Bridge has distinguished itself as Canada's premier sparkling wine house. In 1999, it all started as a labour of love with Nova Scotian entrepreneurs Gerry McConnell and the late Dara Gordon.

  • Gerry and Dara met as lawyers, who held similar values in their respective areas of practice, including the rights of workers, gender equality, and improving the Nova Scotia economy.

    As life partners, they shared a commitment to rural living and a vision for the sustainable and responsible growth of their community by producing the highest-quality wines from grapes farmed organically along the Bay of Fundy.

    Inspired by the early grape growers and winemakers in the region, Gerry and Dara invested in years of research to discover whether region-defining wines could be produced in the Gaspereau Valley. 

  • With expertise from Canada and the world’s top oenologists, led by its chief innovator and head winemaker, Jean-Benoit Deslauriers, Benjamin Bridge has been unwavering in the singular pursuit of reflecting its precise set of growing conditions as transparently as possible.

    Gerry and Dara’s twin daughters Ashley & Devon McConnell-Gordon now lead the small family-like team. As stewards of lands located in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq First Nations, the team has carefully and meticulously grown Benjamin Bridge from a micro-boutique project into a dedicated sparkling wine house.

  • For over 20 years, we’ve pursued excellence along these beautiful, south-facing slopes, and believe Gerry and Dara's ethos of sustainability, community, and quality is embodied in each and every bottle.