Piquette Zero

Nova Scotia's first 0.0% sugar-free wine spritzer.

Meet our lively and delicious alcohol-free wine spritzer crafted in rural Nova Scotia, offering a creative and unprecedented option to industrially dealcoholized wines so often stripped of their character.

Trailblazing Alcohol-Free Wine Alternatives

Building on the success of our Piquette Family of light, artisan-infused wines, we saw an opportunity to combine our expertise in ultra-premium Canadian wines with the growing interest in non-alcoholic beverages. By applying our knowledge of terroir-driven wines and working with grape skins, in 2021, we launched Piquette Zero.

"The real excitement in the [non-alcoholic] category stems from innovative vinous products that creatively layering elegant and complex botanicals such as Benjamin Bridge’s Piquette Zero"
– Christopher Waters, Wines & Spirits Columnist, The Globe & Mail

  • Atlantic Canada:

    • Sobeys
    • Atlantic Superstore
    • Pete's Frootique
    • Benjamin Bridge Vineyards
    • Luminate Co. Wellness Market
    • Honey & Ginger
    • The Other Cupboard Emporium
    • The Wellness Exchange
    & Other Local Independent Grocers
  • Nationwide:

    The Sobr Market
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Is Piquette Zero made from wine?

While made using the insights we've gained over nearly 25 years of premium winemaking, Piquette Zero is not made from wine. Instead, we've used a unique and proprietary process involving grape skins combined with natural citrus flavours, floral elements, organic Citra hops and hand-harvested sea salt to create this unprecedented craft alcohol-free wine spritzer.

Is Piquette Zero completely alcohol-free?

Yes, Piquette Zero is a true 0.0% beverage completely free from alcohol, and without any alcohol used in its creation. Enjoy without worry during pregnancy, and while breastfeeding or bodyfeeding. Piquette Zero is also safe to drink while driving or doing your favourite activity of any kind!

Is Piquette Zero sugar-free?

Yes! There are zero grams of sugar in Piquette Zero, and only 50 calories per 250ml single can serving – less than most wines, juices, and kombuchas. It's also proudly vegan and gluten-free (however, our facility is not certified).

How do I serve Piquette Zero?

We recommend serving Piquette Zero well-chilled for optimal enjoyment. Pour into your favourite glass, or sip straight from the can! Enjoy it on its own or paired with a wide variety of foods.

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