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2020 Cabernet Franc Rosé

2020 Cabernet Franc Rosé


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In the glass, a classic pale pink hue. On the nose, distinctive varietal notes are complemented by hints of sea minerals and flint, with suggestions of rose petal. The palate strikes a harmonious balance between energetic tension and roundness with complex textures unfolding into a lengthy and pleasing finish.


Vintage: 2020

Varietal Composition: 100% Cabernet Franc

Alc. by vol.: 10.5%

pH: 3.11

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The Cabernet Franc varietal has a reputation for producing some of the world’s finest rosé wines, many of which come from the Loire Valley of France.

By combining Cabernet Franc’s proven elegance with the refreshing qualities of the Annapolis Valley terroir, we have created an exciting wine with complex flavours.

Made from one of the oldest vinifera plantings in Nova Scotia, this Cabernet Franc provides a striking example of true coastal viticulture. Nested alongside the Minas Basin, a few meters from the dynamic waters of the bay of Fundy, this unique block allows for a significant extension of the growing season.

After 23 harvests, this resilient parcel has experienced many seasons and weathered many threats from hurricanes to frost. In the 2020 growing season, veraison - ripening - started earlier as a result of an exceptionally warm season, and the threat became the hundreds of starlings who enjoy resting along the edge of our vineyard and finding a myriad of ways to feast on this varietal’s dark berries. As we patiently waited for ideal picking parameters, each remaining cluster became that much more