Member Benefits of Nova 7 Club

  • Guaranteed year-round availability of Nova 7

  • Membership options to receive quarterly shipments of 3, 6, or 12 bottles of Nova 7

  • Members save 10% off the retail price of Nova 7 and Nova 7 merchandise

  • Free shipping on 12-bottle memberships and free delivery on all local memberships (Wolfville and Halifax Metro areas)

  • No hassle payment processing and shipments to your door — payments are processed one week in advance of the quarterly shipping dates (quarterly schedule based on date of signup)

  • First access to other Nova 7 formats, such as Magnums (1.5L) and Cans (250ml)

  • A complimentary Nova 7 themed-gift each year of your membership

  • A complimentary glass of Nova 7 for you and a guest whenever you visit our winery