NEW | 2020 Tidal Bay

NEW | 2020 Tidal Bay

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In the glass, a pale golden colour with an emerald hue. On the nose, a myriad of citrus groves notes burst out of the glass, ranging from key lime to pomelo to tangerine peel. The zesty citrus theme seamlessly carries over to the palate, with fresh hints of yuzu and lemon rind. An energetic finish showcasing a saline minerality reminiscent of crushed ocean stones completes this breezy coastal refresher. 

Varietal Composition: l’Acadie, Ortega, Riesling, Seyval, Vidal
Alcohol: 10%
TA: 10.4 g/L
pH: 3.22
RS: 5.6 g/L
Brix (avg. at harvest): 19°
Service Temp: 10°C
Recommended Drinking: 2021-2024

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In 2010 Nova Scotia launched its own wine appellation – Tidal Bay – to showcase a vibrant and refreshing white wine compatible with our coastal terroir along the Bay of Fundy.

An independent technical committee ensures that only the wines displaying the region’s distinct characteristics and meeting a rigorous set of standards are approved to wear the appellation seal.

At Benjamin Bridge, we believe in the focused approach by aligning our stylistic goals with the identity of our ecosystem, and as a result, produce just a few wine styles that represent a true synergetic match. While we are unwavering in our pursuit of traditional method sparkling wines, we have also been strong supporters of the Tidal Bay appellation from its inception, as the foundation of this collective project relies on regional qualities of freshness and zesty aromatic fragrance. 

Just before the critical ripening window of mid-September, Hurricane Dorian hit Nova Scotia- sending the vines in a state of shock and once again thwarting their optimal ripening schedule. This resulted in historically late harvest dates, a proposition which distinguishes Nova Scotia as a growing region, and comes with exciting qualitative advantages. 

Not surprisingly, since it is precisely the refreshing acidity and aromatic profile that defines Tidal Bay, the unique climatic circumstances of 2019 ended up being perfectly suited for this low-alcohol, energetic wine.