Piquette Duo

Piquette Duo

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For a limited time, try our delicious new Piquette duo!

'21 Pinot Noir Piquette
In the glass, pale magenta colour with a light amber hue. On the nose, hints of wild berries, earth, chalk, and allspice are complicated by suggestions of fresh cranberries. On the palate, notes of juicy rhubarb and strawberries bring stimulation to the overall areal lightness. As if the essence of Pinot Noir was captured as a delicate infusion in an ethereal beverage without the weight and extraction of a traditional wine...

'21 Sauvignon Blanc Piquette
In the glass, a hazy lemon yellow colour with a sea green hue. On the nose, lively reminiscences of freshly cut grass and Valencia orange peel are energized by tangy lemongrass undertones. On the palate, this true refresher remain lively and electric, while displaying elegant and shuttle notes of gooseberries and stone fruit.

True to this ancestral style, lees and sediments remain in the bottle.

Varietal composition: Pinot Noir
Alcohol: 7.5%
TA: 5.8 g/l
pH: 3.50
Brix (avg. at harvest): 21°Bx
Recommended drinking: 2022
Service temperature: 3°C

Varietal composition: Sauvignon Blanc
Alcohol: 7.5%
TA: 5.7 g/l
pH: 3.3
Brix (avg. at harvest): 20°Bx
Recommended drinking: 2022
Service temperature: 3°C


Since 2018, Benjamin Bridge has played a meaningful role in the international renaissance of Piquette, starting from a near-forgotten practice whose heritage was mostly a pejorative French expression meaning bad wines.

That is understandable considering the historical and technical implications; after all, Piquette involves the addition of water to already pressed grape skins to produce a low alcohol wine. However, at Benjamin Bridge, we saw a very relevant opportunity to upcycle our high quality, exceptionally low yield, and compost-bound Nova Scotia grapes by harnessing the tremendous aromatic merit naturally condensed in their skins.

In addition to these fragrant compounds, the skins also contain antioxidants which form the main pillar of textural fullness in wine. After fermentation, the resulting Piquette has 60% less alcohol while retaining a degree of textural quality that is shockingly complex. And perhaps what we love most is that this low-alcohol wine refresher is Nova Scotia grown and as connected to our tidal ecosystem as our wines, thanks to the same artisan practices, including no sulphites or fermentation aids. 

Our Pinot Noir Piquette explores the qualities of our Pinot Noir skins,  highlighting the complexity gained over multiple weeks of Pinot skins infusion and soaking, a practice which is fundamental to the creation of all red wines from Burgundy. 

Many are familiar with the unique and captivating aromatic of Sauvignon Blanc, whether it is grown in France’s Loire Valley (Sancerre) or in the Southern Hemisphere (New Zealand). Interestingly, and perhaps a surprise to some, this distinctive profile comes primarily from the grape skins (as opposed to the juice). Here’s to hoping that our Sauvignon Blanc Piquette, made from 100% NS Sauvignon, is a clear demonstration of this little-known fact...