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Piquette Duo

Piquette Duo

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Bright, juicy, aromatic and refreshing, our small lot Piquettes are made by giving a second life to Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir grape skins. True to this ancestral style, harmless lees, and sediments remain in the bottle, resulting in a hazy liquid, best served well-chilled. In addition to these fragrant compounds, the skins also contain antioxidants which form the main pillar of textural fullness in wine. After fermentation, the resulting Piquette has 60% less alcohol while retaining a degree of textural quality that is shockingly complex. And perhaps what we love most is that this low-alcohol wine refresher is Nova Scotia grown and as connected to our tidal ecosystem as our wines, thanks to the same artisan practices, including no sulphites or fermentation aids.


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