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2021 Glooscap First Nation x Benjamin Bridge Rosé

2021 Glooscap First Nation x Benjamin Bridge Rosé


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In the glass, clear pale salmon color with an amber hue. On the nose, a combination of key lime sorbet and fragrant lavender is brightened by undertones reminiscent of fresh-cut mint and shaved ice. The palate is lively and exotic, with notes of zesty mango, passion fruit, and mandarin rind. The finale reverberates with mineral freshness.


Vintage: 2021

Varietal Composition: 5% Pinot Gris, 7% Gamay, 43% Riesling, 45% Ortega

Alc. by vol.: 10%

pH: 3.15

TA: 6.7 g/l

RS: 0 g/l

Brix (avg. at harvest): 19ºBx

Service Temp (°C): 2°C

Recommended Drinking: 2023

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Since time immemorial, Mi’kmaq have lived in balance within the unique ecosystem where these vineyards are now planted. This wine embodies the friendship and allyship between Benjamin Bridge and Glooscap First Nation and is a reflection of our mutual desire for a future in the image of this holistic definition of sustainability.

Although Benjamin Bridge has always held sustainability as a core value, it would be inaccurate to suggest that we always possessed the perspective that we now have on our settler’s past. Twenty years ago, our understanding of the land where the vineyard was planted was almost exclusively focused on the sensory profile of our wines, and how these wines measured against European standards such as Champagne in the case of sparkling.

However, one day, a friendship came into our lives and changed everything. Ni’tap is the term Mi’kmaq use to describe this type of relationship. Through this allyship, we learned how little we actually knew about this land called Mi’kma’ki. In our early exchanges with Glooscap First Nation, our newfound curiosity and sudden interest for knowledge were met in a way that was difficult to comprehend: we, the land-owning settlers and alcoholic beverage producers were received with open arms and open hearts.

If our lens was adjusted to a narrow focal point of 10 years of grape growing, it widened to 13,000 years of sustainable and synergetic preservation of an ecosystem now in the balance.

This allyship with Glooscap First Nation embodies something many are now coming to learn: we must look at the past to not only understand present-day circumstances but also that our actions today have implications for future generations and that the solutions for balance and wellbeing must be reflective of that specific ecosystem and place.

This rosé - all the way from varietal selection to blending to label design - was developed through many conversations as we tasted and explored together what our first collaboration should look like. Tidal in nature, this wine is coming to life at the turn of the tide.