Special offer | Piquette Mixer, Case

Special offer | Piquette Mixer, Case

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Piquette: In the glass, a hazy golden colour with emerald reflections. On the nose, a cascade of freshly squeezed ruby grapefruit and lime zest is interlaced with suggestions of blooming lavender tree. On the palate, a myriad of lively citrus notes creates the most refreshing balance between hints of zesty lime and a delicate touch of maritime salt.

Pink Piquette: In the glass, a deep pink colour with a ruby hue. On the nose, enticing tropical flower notes are brightened by hints of ruby red grapefruit and papaya. The palate is pleasantly light, with refreshing weightlessness and aerial, aromatic suggestions of elderflower and rose hips for a touch of complexity.

Due to packaging limits, we are only able to ship by the case at this time (12 x 250ml).


Piquette is the name of a low-alcohol wine beverage made from the second pressings of grape pomace, known to have been enjoyed by French farmhands and vineyard workers.

In recent years, the style has enjoyed a grassroots renaissance due in part to its unprecedented ability to connect genuine artisan practices with a surprisingly attractive price previously out of reach for small boutique wineries. The true beauty of Piquette is that it unites low-intervention craftsmanship and affordability by relying on the highly sustainable act of reducing waste.

To make our Pink Piquette stand out and display a unique profile, we delicately infused organic Rosehip and Elderflower, adding aromatic complexity to this wine refresher and for optimal refreshment, we added a pinch of handmade salt flakes from the Bay of Fundy.

Our canned light wine refreshers are crafted for fun and active experiences, like a summer’s hike or game night on the patio. Sip a refreshingly cooled can or pour it into a glass!