2020 Ortega Ancestrale

2020 Ortega Ancestrale

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In the glass, a juicy cloudy golden colour with an orange and amber hue. On the nose, a myriad of fruit trees in bloom, combined with hints of fuzzy peaches, fresh apricot and mango coulis. On the palate, a refreshing cascade of citrus zest and grapefruit lead the way, interlaced with suggestions of blood orange and star fruit. A brisk finish leaves echoing notes of key lime, pomelo rind and tangerine skin. 

True to this ancestral style, lees and sediments remain in the bottle.


Varietal composition: 100% Ortega
Alcohol: 12%
TA: 6.7 g/l
pH: 3.50
RS: 3 g/l
Brix (avg. at harvest): 19°Bx
Recommended drinking: 2022-2023



Ortega is a highly aromatic German cross between Muller-Thurgau and Siegerrebe.

In addition to its floral bouquet with distinctive notes of peaches, the cross resulted in a cold-resistant variety that could withstand intense frosts and blizzards. It was this unique combination of climatic hardiness and aromatic potential that led long-time Nova Scotia grape grower John Warner to become an early adopter of the variety in the mid-1990's.

Due to its balanced acidity, softness, and fragrant personality, Ortega is an ideal candidate for the Ancestral Method. That is because this natural style implies a bottle fermentation performed by a wild/indigenous yeast that will leave the wine cloudy and dry, requiring a profile that is inherently balanced without the presence of sugar. 

Prior to its spontaneous fermentation, the juice and skins remained united for over 3 weeks, magnifying the aromatic profile to detonating heights, while remaining elegant and avoiding the bitterness and astringency of more ambitious skin macerations (such as more extracted orange wines). This is a living wine, with no sulphites, additions, or removal of any kind. True to the style, lees and sediments are still in the bottle. Expect it to be a universal crowd-pleaser!