2021 Nova 7

2021 Nova 7

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In the glass, delicate amethyst colour with echoing brilliance. On the nose, suggestions of lemon tree blossoms and jasmine are intertwined with a tropical fragrance channeling sweet guava. The palate is vibrant and energizing, with invigorating notes of ripe key lime, zesty mango sorbet and passionfruit coulis. A subtle natural effervescence and the brightest energy make this unmistakable wine impossible to replicate outside our cool tidal microclimate.

Varietal Composition: A blend of Muscat varietals, Geisenheim, and Ortega. 
Alcohol: 6.5%
pH: 3.15
TA: 7.0 g/l
RS: 31 g/l
Brix (avg. at harvest): 18ºBx
Service Temp: 3°C
Recommended drinking: 2022


Those who have monitored the growth and evolution of the Nova Scotia wine scene may remember a newsworthy frost event from 2018, in all likelihood connected to climatic changes, which resulted in a significant disruption to the momentum of our flourishing local industry.

Perhaps one of the most important facets of the exciting 2021 vintage appears to be, finally, the return to full strength of our most expressive coastal vineyards. Not only did vines return to their pre-frost level of vitality, but they delivered a vintage of unparalleled abundance. This vintage is connecting, like no other before, the past, present, and future.

Rekindling the freshness and vibrancy of the origins of Nova 7 dating back to our first 2006 vintage, this 15th-anniversary vintage showcases the quintessential, thirst-quenching appeal that has woven Nova 7 into the very fabric of Nova Scotia. The extraordinary generosity of the vintage also applied to one of our most finicky and unpredictable grape varieties: the NY Muscat.

This detail is of significant importance, as the unmistakable, signature fragrance of Nova 7 is provided by our maritime Muscat. The result of this ample crop of Muscat is twofold: equally outstanding floral and tropical aromatics, as well as a softer profile that allows the wine’s natural sugars to sit at a historical low.

Finally, this wine is also an achievement in low intervention winemaking, featuring no sulphites at harvest, wild fermentations, and the lowest possible interference between your glass and the vineyard. Amongst a host of sustainable benefits, chief among these natural practices is their powerful ability to connect this wine to place, making the 2021 Nova 7 a true ambassador of the place we call home.